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Energy Bars

Nutrition/Energy Bars

Several companies offer nutrition/energy bars specifically targeting the athlete, person on-the-go, women, the elderly, and people of any age looking to supplement their dietary intake and/or gain weight.

Most of these bars are high in some form of sugar. Sugar from any source, even those considered to be more "natural" such as fruit juice, provides a quick source of energy.

Some bars contain grains which serve the same purpose as the added sugar which supplies a burst of energy. The grains (and other complex carbohydrates) provide a slower release of energy over a longer period of time.

Complex carbohydrates are the better choice for the needed energy supply. Many people find taking along a nutrition/energy bar is more convenient than brown rice, a baked potato, whole grain bread, etc.

The search for a healthy nutritional bar for an elderly person was very disappointing. Comparisons of an Ensure Bar with several Energy Bars were made. To "ensure" that I had not overlooked any other sources of nutritional bars, I visited a local health food store. The manager and I looked at the nutritional content and the ingredients in each bar. We both concluded that the Ensure Bar was the best nutritional bar for an elderly person even if it didn't contain the healthiest ingredients.

We shared our disappointment in the bars currently available and agreed that a need exists for a nutritional bar with healthier ingredients.

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